Who is jennifer man dating now

05-Aug-2019 21:25

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A few years later, he returned once again, this time with a private tape from their honeymoon that he wanted to publish.It seems Ojani’s other endeavors weren’t bringing in as much money as he wanted, so he must have figured selling out his ex-wife would help boost his paycheck.The former waiter had written a book, and the details it contained were not to Lopez’s liking.It seems the pair had previously signed a confidentiality agreement preventing them from discussing the intimates of their time together.She had a passion for both acting and singing, and she was hopeful that both would bring her the success she was after.It’s hard enough to make it in just one of those industries, so dominating both was nearly impossible.The star has been through the wringer when it comes to love, with the megastar having walked down the aisle three times already.

The question is, what have all of Jennifer’s exes been doing since they parted ways with Jenny from the block?At the time, the man was just a waiter biding his time while he tried to build a career for himself.