Who is ted turner dating

01-Apr-2019 19:08

According to a Hello Beautiful: “Ted Turner was Marlo’s sugar daddy.

My understanding is that Marlo is one of the reasons why Jane Fonda divorced Ted Turner. Check out pics of Marlo’s townhouse and tell us what you think…

Taking to Twitter, Ne Ne decided to remind fans of what Sheree looked like before Bob Whitfield came into the picture and supplied her with a new nose, as he purports. Ne Ne Tweeted, “Great news: I’ve been asked 2 co-hosting on , next Wednesday & Thursday! Leakes is wearing and see if its the shirt from her interview segments. THOUGHTS ON THE SHOCKING INFORMATION ABOUT MARLO’S ALLEGED SUGAR DADDIES? Ted Turner is the “sponsor” who financed the The Red Carpet Boutique Marlo had at the Perimeter mall in ATL. Marlo knows how to get money, she’s a true hustler.” If you don’t know, Ted Turner is one of the wealthiest men in the world… Ne Ne posted a “before” photo of Sheree and let’s just say she’s taken things down a notch.

Now I think Sheree looked fine before and she looks fine now, but there is most definitely a difference in her appearance!

You can relate to at least one person in the house, see the cool kids try to bully the misfits and watch the misfits outsmart the bullies.

Nasze usługi są skierowane nie tylko do Transwestytów, ale również dla kobiet Transgender.… continue reading »

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