Xmlvalidatingreader example vb net

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Xpath Expression encapsulates an Xpath expression, and Xpath Iterator provides an Iterator over the set of selected nodes. Figure 6.4 shows a relationship between these classes and the XML. The XPath Document and the XPath Navigator classes provide read/ write and navigation access to the XML documents.

Associated with these classes are some more powerful classes for working with XML.

Its Movexxx methods let you traverse through a document. This wrapper has a class for almost every interface. The Xml Writer and Xml Node Writer classes come from the Xml Writer class. (I'll discuss XSLT in more detail later in this article.) The Xml Transform class implements XSLT.

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Figure 6-6 shows Xml Reader and its derived classes. Xml Reader classes You use the Xml Text Reader, Xml Node Reader, and Xml Validating Reader classes to read XML documents. the xml Node Type Enumeration's members Moving to a Content You can use the Move To Method to move from the current to the next content node of an XML document.

The Xml Document and Xml Document Fragment classes represent an entire XML document and a fragment of a document, respectively.

This class also implements properties to get data from a node such as name, child nodes, siblings, parents, and so on. Xml namespace also contains classes to a deal with XML documents.

NET Framework utilizes XML features to internally and externally transfer data between applications. Xml and its four supportive namespaces define the functionality to work with XML data and documents. You can even load an XML document by using its Load and Load Xml methods.

In this section, you'll see XML namespaces and classes, which I'll be using in the examples through out this article. Each content type of an XML document has corresponding class defined in this namespace.

Some of these namespace classes are Xml Schema, Xml Schema All, Xml Schema Path, and Xml Schema Type. Serialization is the process of reading and writing an object to or from a persistent storage medium such as a hard drive. Xml Serializer, with Text Writer or Xml Writer to write the data to document. The discussion of these classes is beyond the scope of this article. This namespace contains only four classes: Xpath Document, Xpath Exression. The XPath Document class provides fast XML document processing using XSLT.

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